Anani Gomes

Career coach

I offer individual coaching sessions

Confiance en soi
You want to build your self-confidence

Tired of always saying yes? Of your need for approval to feel confident and secure? Of feeling as if you were not good enough?

Do you need to learn how to trust yourself?

Let’s work together on concrete actions that will help you building confidence and self-esteem.

Quel métier pour moi
You want to find your own path

Do you feel stuck in your job? No longer passionate about your studies? Are you clear on what you want but do not know how to achieve it?

Feeling under pressure to find what to do with your life?

Together, let’s uncover who you are, what you desire and which are your career goals.

Changer de metier
You want to change careers

Do you have goals but feel overwhelmed by change?

Do you feel as if life events dictate your career? As if you have no career choice and no impact on your own environment?

Take control of your career! Together, we can build an action plan, boost your motivation and get you started!

Take control of your career with individual coaching sessions

Free 45 minutes discovery session (subjected to availability).

About me

My mission is to help young adults discover – and tap into – their resources so that their work becomes a source of satisfaction and personal development.

I chose to become a coach due to my life experience and professional background. After completing my Master degree in Occupational Psychology, I was confronted with a wide and overwhelming ocean of career choices. I felt not deserving and unable to choose my own path.

After a few years of reflection and numerous training and coaching sessions, I finally found my sense of purpose and my mission: to support young adults finding their own path. I strongly believe in human potential and am aware this is often underestimated.

My studies in Occupational Psychology and HR Management, and my experience in HR , executive training and coaching, qualify me to support you  successfully moving towards new horizons. As a person, I listen and will respect your own choices.

Lead the life of your dreams

Your dreams aren’t made, or broken, by anyone but you.

Marie Forleo

Advantages of the package

Remote follow-up

I am available by phone between each session if you have a question or need information.

Practical exercises

To help you progress, we will draw a concrete action plan with exercises to complete between each session.


I can provide coaching in French, English and Portuguese.

Each session lasts 1 hour. If you must cancel an appointment please let me know at least 48 hours in advance.

Coming soon…


Workshops are a great place to work on specific topics, exchange ideas and get feedback from other participants.

You will discover tools that will help you clarify your projects, use your strengths, and boost your motivation to take control of your career.